The World's Greatest Teachers Of Network Marketing Success

Don Failla is truly the Grand Master of MLM training. Along with Nancy Failla, he has taught hundreds of thousands of individuals across the world how to build an enduring home-based business.

Don and Nancy Failla are a success story and they enjoy a lifestyle most people can only dream about. For over 40 years, they have been helping people share this quality of life, by building their own successful home - based businesses.

As the Founders and Executive Trainers for the International Association of Lifestyle Trainers, Don and Nancy are committed to helping people all around the world to become successful Lifestyle Trainers while building their own successful home-based business.

Don has authored and sold close to 5 million copies of his books in 23 languages, as well as having produced numerous CDs, DVDs and Seminars teaching others how to own their own lives. Nancy has recently authored her own books, "Fun to Be Free" and "The Time For Women Is Now".

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